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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A face with a name.

These are all from last year- maybe I can get an updated picture soon.

Who am I?

Hello all~ I am Amy, 33 years old, married working mom. I married my husband Brad June 21, 2003 and with marrying him I gained 2 children Kara -22 now, Luke -18, we have a son together AJ- 6 we also have a grand daughter Haiden 21 months.

I have been a little on the heavy side as far back as I can remember but in high school (14 yrs ago) I played softball. My senior year I fell and tore up my knee and had to sit out and so the story begins.

The first of January I went to the dr for a check up- basically it had got to me not sleeping, not being able to breathe and having what I thought was chest pains. Well I love my dr she tells you like it is and sometimes it hurts- well this day it hurt she told me after running some tests that my heart will not be able to take the weight gain I have been continuously been putting on. She told me with the tests the strain on my heart was very hard and I would look at (her not playing the great man above) maybe 1-3 years. IF and a big IF I continued to eat and live like I was.

I am a working mom and some nights I am running to the drive thru and getting foods to take home for supper, I want quick and easy meals. Going home from that appointment was a big reality check. There was a million things going through my mind. AJ is 6, I am not willing to let him live his life without me being there to help him, guide him, love him, and catch him if he was to fall. I have my parents who have been more than supportive of all things in my life, my grandparents who are older and I wouldn't want them to be saddened, my husband who I love more and more each day.

So the decision was made- I would join weight watchers asap and start my life changing journey.

On January 6, 2012 I walked into weight watchers weighing a hefty 309.8 lbs. Hoping and praying thats the last time I weigh that.

At times I don't feel as heavy as I am but then there are days I can hardly move and look in the mirror and know that I am truly hiding in this zippered body suit. I weighed in on 1/13/12 and lost 7.4 lbs talking about wanting to dance right there in the meeting room making a fool out of myself. I contained my emotions but inside I am jumping, screaming, high fiving everyone and doing back flips ( hey a girl can dream).
Week 3 1/20/12, I was down 4.4 lbs yeehaw this girl is now under the 300 then on Week 4 1/27/12  I was 2.6 lbs alright I am now 295.4. Don't get me wrong I am thrilled and it has been hard- but dang I want biggest loser number and my Week 1 number back. I am not selfish, I love the biggest loser but and speaking for myself I know realistically I don't work out during the day continuously, I don't have cooks that I can just sit down and eat. But dang I continue every year to sit on the couch with my ice cream watching the hour long show crying my eyes out cause I can relate to each and every one of those people.

I am 33 years old, I will not continue to be at my previous weight any longer, the numbers hopefully continue to fall and hopefully the last time I ever see those numbers again. I want to run and play with my son, I want to ride on a theme park ride and not get kicked off, I want my husband to see me in a dress (I have not wore a dress in 15 years).

I feel better writing about my journey as I can look back and see what I have accomplished, I need support and I am hoping I can get people to relate to me and hopefully I can get them to hop on my weight loss journey.

The name of my blog comes from  all the years I can remember people have told me I have such a pretty face, they never say your so pretty, its always you have such a pretty face. Well let me tell you people the JOURNEY HAS BEGUN and I am WEIGH MORE THAN A PRETTY FACE.