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Monday, February 13, 2012

Another 1 Bites the Dust

Growing up I loved this song- I still love it. I wouldn't have even imagined that I would have lost after feeling like the fat rolls were never ending. Plus feeling like the junk in my trunk was stuffed to the max, the doors had to be held open longer and wider this past week. Down 2.8 more. Makes my # 1 goal even closer within a small hop. I was a little  upset I didn't make that goal but then again any small amount of weight loss is a great step and Success in my book.

So weight now is 287.6 Making a total of 22.2 gone. I continue to keep my small goals in check and not get frustrated. Saturday and Sunday have blessed me with the great stomach bug or something. Today still isn't a wonderful feeling good day.

Tonight we- Brad, AJ and I are celebrating our Valentines day so we will have Texas Roadhouse, candle light dinner at home. It has been a tradition since AJ was born 6 years ago to enjoy it at home as a family.
I have stopped and got dessert a small red velvet valentine cake per my sons request and it is small- so that will help on me not wanting to eat it all.

I'm  hoping to get a little exercising in this week- its so much easier sitting on the couch and not doing anything but that won't help me reach my goals. I don't want anymore zipper complications with this stinking, sweaty, unattractive fat suit. I thought this morning that next year I will hopefully be wearing a nice looking black dress to wear on our family valentine dinner. ; )

Another change to show I am WEIGH MORE THAN A PRETTY FACE.

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