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Monday, February 20, 2012

Goal 1 Completed

CHA CHA CHING! The scales showed -2.8 which puts me to Goal 1 Completed by almost 2 pounds.
I weighed 286 when I went into the hospital to have my son nearly 7 years ago. What a great day Friday was to realize that I was under 286. After a very complicated pregnancy I went in to have my beautiful much awaited 8 lb 12 oz son, never ever did I think I would be bigger than 286. After nearly 7 years I am under that weight and I can see the other remaining 4 goals being completed in the future.

I went Thursday to the dr for her to be astonished at me losing the amount of weight I have. She kept saying how proud of me she was and how much happier I seemed.  I can say I was a little saddened Friday as I stepped on the scales at WW and realized it was -2.8. Crazy I know but I have been busting my butt to exercise and to really watch my food intake.

Don't get me wrong I love the weight loss but when you try so hard and really think it is a good week your results are not what you thought. Like I have stated before I am really wanting those biggest loser numbers -9, -10, -13.

My mom continues to lose also, I love being able to share my results with my mom, dad, husband and son.
I am proud of her. Since I completed the 25 pounds lost I got my 25 lb coin thing from WW. This is the most I have ever lost on WW.

On Saturday we went to Walmart and another bow I got a size smaller pair of pants. I can't see any major results anymore as I think my stomach and butt are still this huge jiggly jello thing but the zipper continues to go down slowly.

This week makes me more determined to walk and exercise and to succeed at more lower numbers.

Boy Scouts are taking up a little more time of mine as I have been placed as Committee Chair. I so love being able to be my sons den leader and be with the other 5 boys of the Den and continue to get them excited. I now can't wait until our hike this summer- no I can't make it while huffing and puffing.

Small steps and a determined heart and mind. I will continue to lose.

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