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Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Already!

Today I'm realizing it could be an either way week. I hope and fingers crossed that the scales today show some results. I have been really watching my points and now I am actually starting to do a little more exercising. Measurements were took and I am looking as if that was the answer I have succeeded but if not I have failed.

My awesome son was so overly proud of me last Friday that this morning he said are you going to weigh today. Yep- I will have an answer as soon as I pick you up today from school. I would hate to see the look in his eyes if I have gained.

I continue to see the zipper slowly making its way down my throat. I thought I could see results but this week is it possible to feel your butt is alot bigger than it used to be. Its almost as if I'm running out the door and I'm yelling keep the door open because the end is back there somewhere.

I have been thinking of some weight goals I hope I can full fill.
1.) Weigh 286 which was what I weighed when I was pregnant with my son,
2.) Say good bye to the 286 and hit 275
3.) 268 which I weighed 9 years ago when I met my husband
4.) 259.4 that will be the big 50 lbs lost
5.) 250 ultimate goal for years!!!!!!!!

The rest will follow as I get closer. Looking at it now makes me think I am crazy. Today will be 6 weeks and last week it was 19.4 lbs lost. I am not setting any dates, nor will I set dates. I am really just wanting to see the small goals and the success of 50lbs gone. I pray I will never see those numbers again.

I can and will prove there is Weigh More Than A Pretty Face under this fat suit. Starting at my chin it is a slow sticky zipper.

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