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Friday, February 3, 2012

Today is the day of truth!

The last 5 weeks I have looked forward to Friday's- well actually I love Friday's payday and the weekend.
But now the last 5 weeks has added another great adventure on Friday. I love going and weighing in- its the day of truth not only to see if I have gained or lost any but it really shows that I either didn't try hard enough or I am doing great with my weight loss. With that said I have also haven't gained any weight either on my journey. I am not noticing small things, my stomach is shrinking, my knees are not hurting as bad as they once did. I can't even begin to think how it would have been if I hadn't started this journey. I know now I was absolutely miserable.

A few things I have learned 1.) I don't have to eat till I am miserable 2.) It will be a long hard journey with many ups and downs 3.) I have the best family and friend in the world with support and encouragement
4.) Anything is possible.

My husband helped me take my measurements a week ago Thursday and last night we took them again and I pray the results we got show on the scale also. This week has been a little off due to me and my son being sick but I think I did well and stuck to the plan.

I really like the fact that when I look in the mirror now my belly rolls are shrinking I can see- I so wish I had taken a before picture.

Can't wait till 12. Results to follow later.

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