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Monday, February 6, 2012

Drum Roll Please!

So I left you hanging this weekend. So let me tell you- i'm shocked you haven't heard from my 6 yr old son AJ. I LOST 5 LBS.. AJ had a doctors appointment so my mom brought him with her to weigh in.
You should have heard him all Friday- he text my husband and kept telling him how proud he was of me. You talking about melting my heart- he is mostly the reason I am really trying, don't get me wrong I am doing it for myself also but he is 6 when the doctor told me maybe 1-3 years I knew I had to be there to watch my son grow up.

His being proud of me, and continuously telling me throughout the day and night he was proud made me want to try 100 times harder. So the complete total lost is 19.4, I made my 5% target weight and so now my targets have changed but I can do this.

My mom has been doing WW also and she is doing really well- I know she feels frustrated at her weight loss but she continues to loss and not gain. For years and multiply times on WW she would lose and I would gain. So I would quit. I love my mom and without her support I might not want to try so hard this time. I'm aboslutely proud of her and she has been there for me since before I was born and I can't even tell her how grateful I am to have her as my mom.

For years my obese fat suit has had a piece of fabric stuck in the zipper and finally after years of struggling, tugging, pulling and straining I have got that stupid small piece out and am finally starting to unzip. The unveiling will be one that will take time and I am almost positive that the stupid thing will get stuck again but with support of you guys, family and friends I will continue to pull, struggle, wiggle, jump up and down and finally get rid of this judgemental looking, horrible comment maker and step out into a confindent, beautiful body that is WEIGH MORE THAN A PRETTY FACE.

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